Singapore Launch

book marina bay.jpg

On Thursday, 30 August we had our Singapore Launch at Books Actually. Deep thanks to Jeremy Fernando for his inspiring words. It was great to connect with old friends and to make new ones, including practitioners from other schools.

Many readers of this book have never tried martial arts. Already some people are getting in touch to ask where they can try Wuzuquan and other Chinese martial-arts. My advice is to go and explore. Above all, be open-minded. Remember that Crippled Immortals is a literary work, not a manual or a history. It’s based on my personal experience and my opinions, and the validity of these perspectives is open to debate. Other schools will have their own training methods and their own opinions, which may differ from those in the book. Crippled Immortals often leaves it to the reader to decide what is right and what is wrong; the actual case of affairs can be murky. It’s the same if you try a class: the training may differ from what I describe, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. So: try, and please enjoy. If you like it, martial arts will benefit your health and, in your own way, you will help to preserve a wonderful heritage.






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