Launch Week


This week we celebrated the Australian launch of Crippled Immortals at The Paperback Bookshop in Melbourne. It was a wonderful occasion. I’m really glad we took this time to mark the culmination of a project that has involved (and continues to involve) a lot of hard work. Participants ranged from a friend who grew up around the corner in Dublin to students I started teaching this month; from the very young indeed to those older than they’d care to mention. The book was launched by Barry Hill, who is also reviewing Crippled Immortals for The Age.

Earlier this week I was interviewed by the Monash University media department. It’s fascinating how, already, people respond so differently to the book: Barry Hill engaging profoundly from his expertise in Japanese martial-arts and Buddhism, and Monash assessing the transferable skills of the book project (the prospect of teaching students to write nonfiction).


Later this month is the Singapore launch at Books Actually, by which point I expect the book will be available worldwide.


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